Launching: Two Brand-new Ad Sorts!

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 We have been working relentlessly to perfect our In App SDK, so nowadays we’re unbelievably pleased to introduce our two newest ad units: the Overlay ad and the Splash ad. Overlay Ads So that the interface of the app is proven behind the ad the Overlay ad adds a distinctive and engaging entrance movement and works on the clear background. Overlay ads will mobile appear in rotation with our standard full page ads! Dash Ads Each time an user launches a credit card applicatoin the Dash advertisement was created to appear. Using the Dash advertising, programmers create a splash screen which can be subsequently followed closely by one of our Overlay ads. The splash screen is wholly customizable for programmers. You can choose the wording and colour, or you can use your own custom loading screen before the advertisement.  Each new advertising type gives eyecatching animations that can stimulate people to interact with all the advertisements, and higher consumer involvement contributes to superior eCPM! On the designer website startApp developers could get the newest version of our In App SDK. 

Using The Dash Advertising, Programmers Create A Splash Screen Which Can Be Subsequently Followed Closely By One Of Our Overlay Ads.

Not a StartApp programmer? Sign up below! Involved in learning more about our monetization alternatives? Visit our website 


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