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Announcing Crashlytics Real-time Search

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Crashlytics Real-time Search   You know that feeling when you put your car keys in a special place, scout for easy-to-remember landmarks, build a trilateration system in your brain, and moments later you can’t find them? We hate that too!That’s why we’ve built our new real-time search feature, so you can find precisely the crash reports you need, when you need them, and where you want them!

On Our Results Dashboard, We Present Matches That Are Prominently Highlighted And Ordered By Tag Relevancy As Well As The Issue’s Or Session’s Recency.

Precision & CustomizationWhile we can’t help you track down those lost car keys, our search gives you the power to find a specific needle in the haystack. In our older version, we indexed the following parameters on the issue level:File nameLine numberIssue notesWith our new powerful upgrades, we’ve increased the flexibility and precision by expanding our indices to capture the following at the session level:Custom keysLogged eventsCustom user fieldsEver since we launched our SDKs for both iOS and Android, we’ve provided completely distinct logging functionalities which capture logged data with the utmost security and protection of end-user privacy. Combining these functionalities with our new search upgrades, you can instantly locate the exact crashes you were looking for and know precisely what happened leading up to the critical moment.Creating Happy UsersThere’s always a chance that your users will encounter unique crashes, and you may be logging your users’ email, id or name for debugging purposes. Our indices will also recognize these parameters. If user privacy is a concern, no worries! We only index this data when you have explicitly populated them in your app, for the sole purpose of helping you nail down crashes for specific users.Picture an anxious user who receives a reply from you within minutes of his/her support request. Now repeat that across every issue for every user. Instantly, your users will be raving about your support!From our friends at RunKeeper:This is going to be a great feature for many reasons. Our QA team is constantly scouring for the most recent crashes, so being able to associate a specific crash to a user when we get a support ticket will reduce development time and have a direct impact on our users!Phil Connaughton ,Seamless & IntuitiveWe also allow you to search across all build versions of your application, or focus your search against a single version. On our results dashboard, we present matches that are prominently highlighted and ordered by tag relevancy as well as the issue’s or session’s recency. Once you click on a match, you can jump directly to the details and solve the issues with minimal effort.Special Shout-outs

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In our mission to bring you the world’s most powerful crash reporting solution, we’ve built a hardcore team of world-class developers. This summer, we brought on three extremely intelligent and creative interns, who shunned the late-night parties and worked tirelessly to bring our new real-time search into reality. We’d like to show them our gratitude for their hard work. Here they are!Cory Dolphin, @wcdolphinCory is a senior studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at Olin College trying to connect design and engineering to build useful things for people everywhere. When not working, Cory loves beer, coffee and soccer (but not all at the same time). Stephen Panaro, @flatStephen is a junior studying electrical engineering at Tufts. Outside of class, he developed an iOS app to display college dining hall menus. He has also had a great time attending several hackathons. In his spare time, he loves cooking, watching movies and snowboarding. Jennie Lamere, @imjenJennie is a freshman at Rochester Institute of Technology, where she studies Software Engineering. Her hobbies include hiking, swimming and watching Netflix.We’re extremely proud to bring you Crashlytics Real-time Search. Our passion is to give you powerful and out-of-the-world tools, so you can build even more amazing apps, make your users happy, and change the world!Log in or sign up for Crashlytics and send us your feedback; we’re always listening!
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We Arrived, We Found, We Disrupted

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Crashlytics Look Back at 2013 

Here’s A Look Back At How Points Shook Out For People In 2013.

  2013 was per year filled with pleasure, innovation and disruption. Apple introduced the iPhone 5S, Google announcement released an IDE built simply for Android designers, and the entire world explained their eyes as terms like selfie, twerk and jorts were added to dictionary!It was particularly last year today that people joined forces with Twitter. Because the purchase, not only did we enhance features, performance and enhance your knowledge with Crashlytics, we also had some pretty thrilling particular successes 4 Crashlytics toddlers, — our first kegerator, and 24 new workers (p.s. – we’re choosing)!Here’s a look back at how things shook out for us in 2013.

Here’s A Look Back At How Factors Shook Out For Us In 2013.

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Launching: Two Brand-new Ad Sorts!

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 We have been working relentlessly to perfect our In App SDK, so nowadays we’re unbelievably pleased to introduce our two newest ad units: the Overlay ad and the Splash ad. Overlay Ads So that the interface of the app is proven behind the ad the Overlay ad adds a distinctive and engaging entrance movement and works on the clear background. Overlay ads will mobile appear in rotation with our standard full page ads! Dash Ads Each time an user launches a credit card applicatoin the Dash advertisement was created to appear. Using the Dash advertising, programmers create a splash screen which can be subsequently followed closely by one of our Overlay ads. The splash screen is wholly customizable for programmers. You can choose the wording and colour, or you can use your own custom loading screen before the advertisement.  Each new advertising type gives eyecatching animations that can stimulate people to interact with all the advertisements, and higher consumer involvement contributes to superior eCPM! On the designer website startApp developers could get the newest version of our In App SDK. 

Using The Dash Advertising, Programmers Create A Splash Screen Which Can Be Subsequently Followed Closely By One Of Our Overlay Ads.

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